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Composition :
  • Spazof Drops: Each ml Contains Dicyclomine HCL 10 mg & Simethicone 40 mg
  • Spazof Suspension: Each 5 ml Contains Dicyclomine HCL 10 mg & Simethicone 40 mg

Indication :
Colic pain (Abdominal spasmodic pain, Abdominal Flatulence with pain)
Dosage :
    • Spazof Drops : 15-20 drops daily or s.o.s
    • Spazof Suspension : 1 t.s.f T.I.D or s.o.s

    Contraindications :
    Obstructive Neuropathy.  Obstructive disease of  GI tract. Severe ulcerative colitis.
    Precautions :
    Prostatic hypertrophy. Impaired cardiac, renal or hepatic function. Autonomic neuropathy. Cardiovascular disease, hypertension
    Mechanism Of Action :
    Dicyclomine: Antispasmodic & Competitive inhibitor of Acetyle Choline(Ach)
    Simethicone: Antiflatulent.

    DISCLAIMER : This product is available only in India against valid prescription from a Registered Medical Practitioner. This is not an offer for sale.